Fruits of Solidarity

Fruits of Solidarity

How it all began…

The first Greek products “export” campaign took place in December 2015, after a suggestion of a member of the Belgian organization Climaxi. The products came from cooperatives and small producers from Greece and were distributed in Belgium through civil society organizations, trade unions, associations, environmental organizations etc.

The whole idea was to transform the support solidarity structures received from solidarity groups from abroad in terms of equity and reciprocity. Until then, solidarity structures were supported by initiatives from abroad either through their promotion or through material means, such as the collection and dispatch of money or equipment to social clinics, collective kitchens, etc.

And that is how we found ourselves trading in product delivery and distribution through alternative channels, in accordance with the principles of social solidarity economy.

Find more information on the purpose of the campaign in Greek and English and on the completion of the delivery here .

What we do

Now Dock acts as a facilitator in the collaboration between producers and processing cooperatives in Greece and structures and initiatives from abroad

Dock is not a product re seller and hence we are not the ones that determine the price. Dock acts as a node in a network of production, distribution and consumption based on the principles and values of Social Solidarity economy.

Having worked in the food sector for many years, we are capable to guarantee that the producers we choose to cooperate with, fully comply with the mutually agreed prerequisites and standards.

This way we contribute the necessary documentation for every campaign or sales point abroad.

As for the practical part, we are making sure that the products from different producers are gathered, properly packaged  so that they can be dispatched at a reduced cost, but what is more we vouch for the whole process of dispatch and delivery (transportation, exchanges, credibility of all parties involved, product safety, etc).

Through the “Fruits of solidarity” campaign these parties are supported financially in a transparent and mutually acceptable manner:

a) the cooperatives we work with
b) the collectives from abroad who make the campaigns happen.
c) initiatives in Greece
d) DOCK, a permanent support infrastructure for social solidarity economy and cooperatives in Athens.

We believe that the multiplying benefits of such initiatives that empowering and profitable for all parties involved.

Who we address

Through its participation in international networks and forums, Dock has built connections with collectives and networks abroad that are active in the sphere of social and solidarity economy.

We can thus support campaigns with different characteristics that are defined for each by the group that organizes it. Read more about the campaigns here.

But our options do not end with campaigns. Distribution is also possible in a more permanent manner through local groups or stores that endorse the same context.

The producers we work with

We contact cooperatives or producer groups that:

  • want to trace another way of producing, dispatching and distributing their products.
  • are interested in creating connections abroad but not just for commercial reasons
  • recognize the momentum of solidarity between the peoples of Europe and
  • believe in strengthening synergies between the social and solidarity-based ventures
  • are interested in supporting actions and initiatives in Greece
  • distribute part of their production in Greece at prices that the Greek consumer with compressed incomes (unemployed and employed) can withstand.

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