Collaborations’ objective

Fruits of Solidarity

Collaborations’ objective

The selection of producers is aimed at supporting particular ecological, cooperative and socially responsible production and distribution models that promote collective operation instead of self-interest.

The quality and safety of the product, the fair price for the producer, the history of the cooperative or the producer group, the capacity of the cooperative to standardize and export/promote their products through channels of solidarity, the connection with local society and the essential interest in “using” a good product to support solidarity initiatives in Greece, but also the strengthening of existing cooperatives are our motivations to cooperate with producers and cooperatives.

Our interest lies in the forging of mutual support between producer group or co-operatives with the society that is tested and the creation of new paths of production, distribution, marketing and consumption outside the existing conventional structures that work against producers and consumers alike, as well as the quality of our food and in society as a whole.

We understand that the mainstream competitive environment often leads in deviations from the above values. But what matters is not only the final result but also the intention, effort, values ​​and history behind each producer / cooperative.

More specifically, we set 10 pillars of criteria. Either as a goal, or on ban penalty (in purple)

Product quality

  • The products are safe and of good quality
  • Traditional seeds are preferred
  • The value of organic culture is not depreciated, but integrated crop management is not rejected.


  • Includes labeling in English or other suitable language
  • Complies with the relevant legislation

Fairer price for all

  • The retail price should be affordable for the consumers but at the same time fair for the producers

Equity – Equality

  • The products come from cooperatives or in special occasions from small producers.
  • Collectiveness, cooperation and participation of the members is promoted.

Transparency and traceability

  • We get a first-hand picture by visiting the facilities and getting to know the producers.
  • We gather all the required documentation of traceability.


  • Good communication
  • Fair terms of collaboration
  • Ability to distribute samples


  • Development of solidarity / social movement action within the community (mainly applies to producers)
  • Provision of support to the local community in a variety of ways

Labor rights

  • Maintain acceptable working relations within their businesses

Environmental sustainability

  • Environmental protection (eg waste disposal)
  • Small ecological footprint